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Oh Happy Day!

I've been visiting Oh Happy Day as long as I've been reading blogs so I'm over the moon excited to tell you that I'll be contributing some party DIY's over there a couple of times a month. I think we can all agree that Jordan has some of the best ideas on the Internet. From her amazing piƱatas to that dreamy year she spent in Paris- there's always inspiration to be found. I hope you'll take a minute to hop over and check out my first post, a root beer float party complete with a soda fountain hat DIY. It's fun, plus there's a darling picture of Ollie you won't want to miss.

How To Make Seed Bombs.

I love growing things and while I don't claim to have the greenest thumb, I have managed to avoid killing most things I plant. It's rewarding to see something grow and mature from a tiny seed, am I right?

If you like the idea of growing flowers but find yourself with a brown or even a black thumb, seed bombs are the spring project for you. With a small bit of dirt, clay, and seeds you can make seed bombs to sprinkle around your yard. Before you know it flowers will be popping up everywhere! Or, wrap up your seed bombs in cute fabric and give them to friends and neighbors as a little spring time gift.

Sound fun? Head over to the Project Wedding blog for the full tutorial.

Project Wedding.

For the last six months I've been a regular DIY contributor over on Project Wedding. I have to say, contributing is such a fun gig! I love thinking up ideas that can be created with inexpensive materials but still look like a million bucks. My latest post, Paper Flower Escort Cards is live if you'd like to take a peek.

These paper flowers aren't exclusive to weddings. I would love to make a little garland out of them. It would be cute as a birthday party banner or just strung up in my girls' room.

You can find my full tutorial right here.

DIY Jingle Bell Ornament.

When things get quiet here rest assured we are all well. Still crafting, still baking, still being silly just because. We're getting down to the wire with baby number 6, I'm 37 weeks today! I have found throughout this pregnancy that my mind and my heart crave the quiet, the simple and I guess that means a little less consistency in this space. I know you understand, you dears are the best.

I'm still doing some contributing here + there and have a few fun projects to share with you this week. One of the projects Audrey and I recently worked on together were jingle bell ornaments.  All you need are some pipe cleaners (the sparklier the better), jingle bells and scissors. The full tutorial can be found right here on my post over at Hellobee.

P.S. I have a special giveaway post planned for tomorrow so don't go too far. It's always a fun one.

DIY Halloween Treat Bags.

If you're anything like me you looked at the calendar this morning and realized Halloween is a mere week away. I suppose that means I should get busy on the five costumes my children will want to wear. One thing I have going for me are these cute treat bags Audrey and I made together the other morning. They take next to no time at all and are better than the plastic grocery bags we usually use. 

To make some reusable bags of your own pull out the felt, Heat N' Bond, a canvas tote then head over to my post on Hellobee for some cute printables. There's a pumpkin and a ghost to choose from. Happy haunting! 

Watercolor Mother's Day Card.

Last week while brainstorming some simple gift ideas for Mother's Day I thought about how my favorite gifts are always the cards my children make me. I love to see what their little minds come up with and read the kind messages of love. I actually have an entire box in my closet dedicated to their handmade creations that I love to sift through on those especially trying days. 

I decided that I probably wasn't the only mother that loved handmade cards so I created these printable templates. You can paint up cards with your children for your mother or simply email the link to my post on Hellobee to whomever is in charge of your Mother's Day gift giving. Hopefully they get the hint.

Painted Confetti Dishtowel.

Flour sack dishtowels are an essential in my kitchen. They are readily available and can be personalized to fit in any decor. The other day I painted a fun confetti pattern on a few and am thrilled with the cheery results. It's just the pick me up I need while cleaning the kitchen.

To make some for you, a friend or mom, grab some tintable fabric medium and head over to Make and Takes for my full tutorial. I even share how to get those perfect circles and it's more simple than you'd believe.

p.s. In case you're curious, I used Martha Stewart acrylic craft paint in Geranium, Yellow Jacket and Beach Glass on my dishtowels.

Travel Tic Tac Toe Game.

It's hard to believe it's the last full week of April. Before you know it, school will be out and summer will be in full swing! Hooray! To help you get prepared I have come up with another tiny game that will keep the kiddos busy on long car rides and lazy afternoons in the backyard. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I love any kid activity that doesn't involve computers, my phone or the iPad.

Head over to Hellobee for the full tutorial where I share how to create the little game board out of one of my favorite materials.

Finding Balance.

Every so often I receive emails that ask questions like "How do you do it all?" which make me laugh and cause me to think at the same time. As I strive to fulfill my roles as a wife + mother and nurture the desire in me to grow, learn and progress a balancing act ensues. Some days I think to myself, "today has been good!" while others I take a look at my baby and realize his hair is out of control and looks more like a she than a him. Obviously I don't do it all. No one does. We're all trying to strike the balance. We're all trying to figure it out.

This month I'm teaching an online class on the Alt Channel titled "Part Time Blogger, Full Time Mother-How To Maintain A Healthy Work/Life Balance." In the class I'll be sharing how a typical day works as I mother my children and meet deadlines. I would love if you would join me! Class size is limited so sign up quick, I promise to make it worth your time.

Chalkboard Bunny Gift Labels.

This week is Spring Break which means the children and I have been sleeping in, taking daily walks to the park and eating Girl Scout cookies like they're going out of style. It's been grand. There have also been parties to attend which lead me to re-discovering the joys of chalkboard contact paper. I'm officially obsessed!

These darling little chalkboard bunnies are so simple to make and can be used for a myriad of uses this Easter weekend. Grab some chalkboard contact paperand head over to Hellobee for the full tutorial and bunny template.

Origami Bunny Garland.

 I don't remember exactly how it began but this week I became obsessed with origami. The ancient art of paper folding has been therapeutic for me as I pack up the cozy brick house. As I fold, my mind clears and I simply focus on the task at hand. To usher in spring Abby and I made about a zillion bunnies in one afternoon. The colors were so pretty grouped together I quickly decided they would make a darling garland.

We also added little bunny tails because that made them even cuter. You can see the full tutorial with a link to the best origami YouTube video on Hellobee.

Australian Home Beautiful.

Back in December I mentioned that this little space was in the latest Australian Home Beautiful. I asked you, my lovely readers, if anyone had an idea how I could snag a copy. Thankfully, my inbox was instantly bombarded by sweet notes with offers to send one my way. My friend Jen (who happens to live in Australia) sent me the nicest package and inside was a copy of the magazine. So fun!

It's a teeny tiny write up but is exciting to me nonetheless.

As much as I loved the mention, I might love the way Jen marked the page I was on even more. She seemed to be as excited as I was and that means so much.

Watercolor Name Painting | A Toddler Craft

One of the difficult things about moving is finding ways to keep little children busy while there are so many chores to be done. I've mentioned before how much my children love watercolor painting and lately, it's a favorite project to do while I'm packing. I simply set them up in the room I'll be working in-they paint, I pack.

I've figured out Oliver will paint a lot longer if the paper has some kind of design on it (rather than a blank sheet) so last week I printed out his name. He loved it! While he was painting away we talked about the letters in his name, colors and superheros. You can see the the full post where I share my favorite free outline font on Hellobee.

Love Triangle Series with Dear Lizzy.

Elizabeth Kartchner is one of my absolute favorite creatives. Her blog + craft line are so fresh and inspiring! Recently Elizabeth started a new series on her blog called Love Triangle and asked if I would like to contribute. The series is all about DIY's and projects using geometric shapes as inspiration. Like Elizabeth, I too have been inspired by geo shapes and jumped at the chance to put something together. 

For my contribution I combined a couple of my favorite things-washi tape and triangles. This project costs pennies, takes about 10 minutes, and will leave you will a fun new piece of wall art when it's finished. Head over to Dear Lizzy for the full how to and be sure to follow along with the rest of the series.

Bird Feeders | A Toddler Craft.

This week we're staying close to home. I've started the glamours task of potty training Oliver so our trips out of the house are short and sweet. So far, things are going great. I've done this four times already so I think I figured out what works and what doesn't. In case you're wondering, bribery definitely works. To pass the time Audrey and Oliver have been having fun with craft projects. These bird feeders were a big hit.

You might remember I first made them with my little craft campers but you can find my full tutorial over at the lovely blog Hellobee. It's the perfect project to do while discussing things like shapes, birds and seasons. The above photo was obviously their favorite part of the activity.

Love Potion Valentines.

I'm pretty sure this is my last valentine idea for the year. Although, who knows? Inspiration may strike at the last minute (wink, wink.) You can find the full tutorial for the Love Potion Valentines (plus the printable!) over on Hellobee.

Fortune Teller Valentines.

It's Monday and so far the day is off to a great start here at the cozy brick house. By some miracle my errands are already done for the day which means I have plenty of time to bake heart shaped sugar cookies for my loves. If you were my neighbor I would most certainly bring some your way.

Our weekend was full of projects. One of which was finishing up Abby's Valentines. We decided to make Valentine themed fortune tellers for her classmates. Fortune tellers are the "IT" thing in her fourth grade class and we're both pretty sure they're going to be a hit.

Head over to Design Mom for the full tutorial including the printable.

The 15 Friends Project.

I've been waiting and waiting to tell you about this little collaboration project and I'm thrilled today is the day. A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Steve and Michelle from Twig Creative. They gave me details about this awesome idea they had for a traveling art project. They were calling it The 15 Friends Project. The idea was to ship a canvas between different artists all over the country, each person adding a bit to the piece. At the end the canvas would be auctioned off. Of course I said yes right away. I was intrigued and excited and really couldn't wait to see how it all panned out. 

I received the canvas last week and was the second person to add my artwork. I'd been hoarding saving this image from a vintage book and knew it would add a sweet touch. Some balloons made from book pages, embroidery floss and a little mod podge later and my contribution was complete. The canvas has  been packed back up and is probably in the home of the next artist on the list. I can't wait to see what the other artists add and how the finished canvas looks!

You can read updates about the traveling canvas by following along at the Twig Creative blog. This post gives you all the details about how the project started.

Also, visit the amazing talent they have lined up. I'm sure you'll be inspired. I'm still pinching myself that I was included with such a group.

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100 Days of Holidays at Parents.

Exciting news today! Parents online recently launched their fantastic 100 Days of Holidays newsletter series and included my mustache ghost sucker in the Cool + Creepy Halloween Decorations slideshow. Fun, right? You can subscribe to receive emails of all the holiday craft ideas and recipes by going here. Thanks for including me, Parents!

Shop for Sharlie | Secret Project Revealed.

Cross stitch is one of my favorite pass times when the weather cools. I love to sit by the cozy fire and stitch away. This weekend I finished up a series of designs that I think would look perfect in your space. The patterns are simple, great for a beginner and available for download for only $5. The best part of buying these patterns? You will be making a huge difference in the life of a lovely woman named Sharlie.

Sharlie is a wife and mom. 
She loves to read.
She loves to laugh.
She has an infectious smile.
And the best hugs on the planet.
Sharlie is also awaiting a double lung AND heart transplant.
She is an inspiration.
A fighter.
A miracle.

Jessica (one of Sharlie's best friends) and Mique reached out to the creative community to come up with a way to raise funds for her impending medical bills. They created a Shop for Sharlie- full of tutorials, printables, and advertising opportunities. Every single dollar raised will go straight to Sharlie's Angels.   So shop 'til your heart is content. And in return it will help Sharlie get her new heart.