Five Senses for Friday

Sight | Randi recently introduced me to the work of photographer Hermann Landshoff and I'm offically obsessed. 

Sound | This Will Be Our Year by the Zombies was on heavy rotation pretty much the entire month of January.

Smell | Le Labo- Rose 31 is my very favorite fragrance. I don't wear perfume everyday but when I wear this I feel so pretty.

Taste | These buttermilk biscuits have been life changing. Make some for your family this weekend and they'll call you their hero.

Touch | Ryan gifted me these sweats for my birthday and I'm telling you, I hardly take them off. They are so soft and cozy. Finding sweats that aren't too thick but still warm is a feat and these check all the right marks. Watch for sales because they happen often and you'll want a couple of pairs in your rotation.

Happy Weekend, friends! A little birdie told me there's FREE SHIPPING all weekend long in the Tandem shop. Just use code BESTIE at checkout. See you back here next week! xoxo

1 comment:

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