Audrey's Baptism

It's been a few months since our sweet Audrey Mae was baptized but today as I was organizing the desktop on my computer, I came across these gems and knew I wanted them permanently documented on my blog. I would say there are a few times every week where I have every intention to check in on this space with updates. I'm still creating with the children, baking treats, finding favorite things and even occasionally pinning but other things have shifted. The children I have at home all day are different than the children I had at home all day when blogging was a daily occurrence. They aren't as self entertaining and often require my undivided attention. Which is ok. That is why I am here. Of course I miss posting regularly and more than that I miss the connections this space has provided but I am embracing this time and season in my life. With our oldest now 16- dating and driving, I more fully understand the wise words of Gretchen Rubin, "The days are long but the years are short." Before I know it I will have all kinds of time on my hands. Or at least that's what I tell myself on those especially challenging days.

Anyway, Audrey's baptism day was very special. Our sweet girl was happy to finally have the opportunity to follow the example of our Savior. It was a day she'd been looking forward to for years and I will never forget the smile on her face. She was so happy! I was so happy! A few days before her actual baptism the two of us went on a little date to the temple. We talked about our lives here on earth and how her baptism is the first step on her journey back to our Father. We talked a little about the other steps she would take in her life and how I hoped she would always look to the temple as a beacon and light in this often confused world.

While we were enjoying the beautiful temple grounds we also snapped a few photos of her in her baptism dress. As I mentioned before, I've been lucky to know some amazing people because of this blog. One of those people is Stephanie who writes the lovely and inspiring blog Barefoot in the Kitchen. Stephanie never ceases to inspire me with her simple and uplifting posts on life, motherhood, faith, sewing, baking, running etc. Before Audrey's baptism I reached out to Stephanie and hired her to make Audrey's dress. I gave her a few specifications and Audrey's measurements and then handed the reigns to her. Can you believe how darling the dress turned out? It was just perfect for Audrey. In fit and design.

I bought Audrey's knee socks here.
And shoes here.


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