Owen's Eleven

Last week Owen turned eleven. Owen is a great son. He always makes me laugh and (almost) never complains when it's his week to do the dishes. He does nice things for his younger siblings like make their lunches with encouraging notes on the napkins. Owen is an all around happy child and I'm very grateful to be his mother.

To celebrate Owen we took him to his favorite burger place for dinner, bought an ice cream cake at DQ and hung a pinata from our backyard tree. We invited his favorite neighbor friends over to give it a good smack and laughed and laughed when Henry's turn came up

Audrey and cousin Emma made Owen a kitty cake because they know how much he likes kittens. Isn't it cute? They used skittles (Owen's fave candy) around the perimeter. SO thoughtful!

It's officially birthday season at our house!


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