Mom School.

Our community is in the midst of a teacher strike. Today marks DAY SIX! As I was uploading this picture I received an email from the district letting me know that tomorrow is canceled now too. I never in my wildest dreams thought we would be in this situation. My children are so eager to get back in the swing of things. They're ready for our normal school schedule and I have to say, I am too! I feel out of balance and my mind is constantly swirling with questions. How are the negotiations going? Has the latest proposal been uploaded to the district website? Will there be school tomorrow? Maybe early next week? This seemingly never ending state of limbo is driving me batty. And don't even get me started on all of the Facebook posts from members of the community! Sheesh!

In an attempt to bring some order to our lives I am doing a little mom school everyday. Yesterday we started off with a five paragraph essay on Summer 2015. The older kids held seminary with some neighbor friends in the afternoon and we decided we're counting cross country practice as PE. I know there is a huge homeschooling community out there that I'm unfamiliar with. Do any of you dears have some resources you'd like to share? Favorite websites or articles? I'm not necessarily looking into a full on curriculum (school could start any day!) but I would love to have a rough plan to keep these children happy and learning. Thank you in advance for your advice!


  1. Online Sites my kids enjoy:

    Worksheets to Print:
    Math - - This requires a membership but it is TOTALLY FREE. There are a lot of fun engaging worksheets especially for 3rd grade on down. Themed sheets are science, Basic sheets are handwriting and math, monthly sheets are fun downloadable lessons that have to do with different holidays.

    Good luck and have fun! And I hope it is resolved soon!

  2. As an English teacher, I make my students write a letter to me at the start of every year outlining their non-academic goals, hobbies, family, interests, learning styles. It's one of my favorite assignments.

    Analog House

  3. But it's lovely to have all the kids at home and teach them something :) I would be very happy if I can spend time with them love quotes

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