Learning To Be Adventurous + Boulder Caves

Easton is running cross country for his high school this year and we're all loving it. His meets are on Saturdays around the state which means we travel as a family, watch Easton run a couple of miles and then go off to find an adventure. It's nice that some of our dear friends also have a son on the team so we can go exploring together.

Our latest adventure took us to Boulder Caves just outside of Naches Washington. This was a first time visit for our group and we were all shocked we hadn't been or even heard of the place before! The scenery was so beautiful!

 It was nice to find a bit of fall on the trail.

Ryan and I are doing our best to be adventurous with our children. You should have seen all of the smiles on our hike! It felt so good to be in nature, to enjoy the beauty that is in our backyard and to be together as a family making memories. 

Here are some tips if you want to visit Boulder Caves with your family:
-If you have a baby make sure you bring your backpack carrier. This is not a stroller friendly hike.
-Be prepared to carry your toddler over some of the bigger boulders.
-Take a sweatshirt. It gets a little chilly in the caves.
-Waterproof hiking boots would be ideal but not necessary.
-If you don't have waterproof hiking boots, bring a change of socks and shoes. (we had a lot of wet socks and shoes on the car ride home)
-Take a headlamp or a flashlight for every hiker (the caves are completely dark, plus there's nothing cuter than a kid in a headlamp).
-If you're headed back home through Yakima, make a stop at MOD Pizza. It was so good and everyone can agree on pizza for dinner, right?