Meet Hazel.

We just spent a lovely couple of days in the mountains of Idaho with all of Ryan's extended family. There were over 200 of us there and it was amazing. I love that my children are growing up knowing and loving their great aunts and uncles, 2nd cousins and more. I know that they are becoming better people by learning from the lives of these loved ones. 

Every Mathews family reunion includes an auction. Family members spend time creating unique handmade items to sell. There are quilts, paintings, handmade boom boxes (incredible!), home decor items, jams, and and so many more wonderful things. All of the proceeds from the auction go into the family fund that pays for the costs associated with the reunion. This year Abby was very eager to make something to sell in the silent auction. She worked hard designing a pattern, learning how to turn a skein of yarn into doll hair, choosing fabrics and perfecting her stuffing technique. Hazel is the fruit of her labors and I'm so proud of her determination. Isn't she the sweetest little doll?! I love the details and am so proud of Abby for sticking to it. Making things is fun but it's also a process of trial and error. I have a feeling Hazel is just the first of many dolls in Abby's future. 


  1. I am so impressed! I thought she won that in the auction, not that she made it. Get her an Etsy shop ; ).

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