Mother's Day Cards.

Just a couple of weeks after delivering Penelope I got a text from my friend Miranda of Hairpin Letterpress. Miranda was getting ready to design some Mother's Day cards and by the end of our conversation we decided a collaboration was in order. I've always wanted a set of simple cards I could send to the mothers I know that inspire me, support me, and uplift me through my own mothering journey for Mother's Day. Don't we all have women like that in our lives? I hope so. I have learned so much about being a mother from my own mother but I've also learned plenty by watching the women around me. Shouldn't they get a little Mother's Day card love too? That's what Miranda and I had in mind when we collaborated on this project.

You can order a box set of these pretty letterpress cards to send to any mom, regardless if she is your mom. They are printed on the most beautiful, luxurious blush paper with black ink. Simple + classic.

The other design we collaborated on is this little hand lettered number. It is printed in GOLD INK that shimmers in the best way. Miranda made these cards really shine with a beautiful watercolor technique that is just lovely.

This was such a  fun project to work on. I really hope you love these cards as much as I do and perhaps pick up a few for the mothers in your life.


  1. These cards are so pretty, and these would make the prefect card for Mother's Day. I also think you could frame the front of the card, and it would a lovely gift too.

  2. After having read about this on your blog, I recently purchased these cards from Hairpin Letterpress and they just arrived in the mail. I have to tell you that they were even lovelier than I'd expected! The pink hue is soft and discreet and the letter press is crisp and perfect. I am a new mom (5 weeks new) and was wanting to do something nice for the fellow-moms that have helped me along this transition in my life. These cards are the perfect thing for that. I highly encourage anyone who is considering ordering them to do so immediately! You won't regret it. Great design, Danyelle, and such a nice note from Miranda was included with my order. Happy Mothers Day!
    --Kristin in VA


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