Back to School Feast 2014.

The children begin school on Tuesday so it was time to hold our annual back to school feast. This is an evening we all look forward to and it was fun having the opportunity to share it with Pia. After everyone was seated (and quiet, which can be a feat) I pinned a little chalkboard tag to each of their shirts that had the number of the grade they will be entering this year written on with chalk. A little badge, if you will.

Oliver was so worried I was going to poke him with the safety pin.

Before we ate we also unveiled our new family theme for the year. Ryan and I think and pray about what we feel our children need before choosing our theme and this year, the inspiration came from this Mormon Message. Our children are each beginning a new stage. Oliver's in Kindergarten, Audrey's in first grade and will be gone all day, Owen is going into fourth grade without his two best buds, Abby is beginning seventh grade, Easton will be a freshman in high school (!!!) and Pia is not only starting out the year at a new school but in a completely foreign country. We wanted them all to know that our Heavenly Father is always there and they can pray to Him whenever they feel they need to. We want them to keep praying, when they're in need but also when they're feeling thankful. There are so many reasons to pray and we hope that this theme will help them strengthen the lines of communication between them and their Father in Heaven.

My plan is to get our theme printed up and framed so we see it often.

Do you celebrate the new school year with a back to school feast too? If so, I would love to hear about it.


  1. what an awesome idea!! thanks for sharing! (:

  2. We watched that same message last night for FHE. I've been loving all the new ones they've come out with lately. The hope of God's light is my favorite.

  3. What a great way to start a school year! The kids are lovely; I hope all things work out well for them this new semester.

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