Mother's Day 2014

I like Mother's Day better than my birthday. There, I said it. Of course my family treats me well on my birthday but man oh man, they pull out all the stops on Mother's Day. It probably has something to do with the fact that their teachers help them make adorable crafts and remind them to be extra kind and give extra hugs. I was showered with love on Sunday which was exactly what my heart needed. I hope your day was wonderful too. Also, this made me cry.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to a true role-model of a Mom! There have been so many of your blog posts that I've ear-marked for when I have children of my own. I'm consistently impressed by your ability to handle motherhood with such grace and beauty. So glad you felt the love this past Sunday. Your family is blessed to have you!
    Looking forward to another summer of great posts!
    --Kristin in VA

  2. I love your beautiful family. You deserve to be pampered, you're an amazing mom.



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