Family Hike.

For our Family Home Evening activity this week we took the kids on a hike up Badger Mountain. The temperatures lately have been so nice. It won't be long before it's too hot in the evenings for this kind of activity; we knew we better take advantage while we have the chance. I was so surprised by the children's good attitudes! We all had a great time and didn't hear a single complaint. The secret to our success? I'm not sure there really is a secret but making sure everyone had their own water bottle and had good blood sugar levels definitely didn't hurt.
I love doing these kinds of activities. It's so good to get into nature with the people you love. Enjoying the beauty of this wonderful earth and getting that heart pumping is good for the soul!
Have a happy weekend, friends. It's been so nice getting back into the swing of this blogging thing this this week. Thank you for popping in and for being so kind. xoxo


  1. That walk looks gorgeous! What a great family activity.

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  3. I love this idea. Hiking with family. Gonna do it someday.
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