Spring Break At Home.

Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break around these parts. We're all so happy to have a rest from our normal schedules! After we were lazy all morning and the big kids' piano lessons were over we drove to our favorite place to buy Saltwater sandals. It's tradition!

A trip to the park and an evening at the driving range rounded out our day. It was a simple kind of day but I've started to realize that children don't necessarily need big extravagant vacations to make them happy. They need a little change from the routine, a frosty and an extra hug from mom. Vacations are wonderful but staying home and finding adventure in your own backyard is wonderful too.


  1. I love your saltwater tradition! Enjoy having your family at home, the slower mornings..

  2. but did you get western belts for the whole family? :) sounds like your break is off to a good start.

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