Valentine Memory Game.

While digging through my craft room the other day I came across these cute wooden hearts I have been hoarding saving. Do you do that with some of your stash too? Save your favorite little things but never use them? I'm trying to be better about that. Instead of putting the wooden hearts back in the drawer I decided to paint them up and make a little memory game. I like to give the children little gifts on Valentine's Day and I think this game will make Audrey Mae very happy.

I chose some valentine-y colors from my paint collection and included gold because I'm having a very gold moment right now.

If I'm remembering correctly, the hearts were purchased at Hobby Lobby a year or so ago. They measure about an inch and a half and are the perfect size for little hands.

When the paint was dry I packaged the hearts up in a cute cotton bag and am counting down the days until Audrey and I can play a game.


  1. Love it! And I'm having a very big gold moment right now. In fact, the bronze on my fireplace glass doesn't even bother me right this minute. And I just am finishing up a new blog header...with gold lettering!

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