Cookie Decorating Party Invitations

It was only fitting to create little recipe card invitations for Audrey's cookie decorating party, am I right? I designed the cards in illustrator and printed them up right here at home on basic white card stock.

I happened upon these cute sets of cookie cutters in the dollar spot at Target and thought it would be fun to pair a set with each invitation. For delivery, Audrey and I drove around town giving invitations to her friends while singing along (loudly!) with the Frozen soundtrack. You should have seen Audrey's smile!
I don't know if I've ever seen her happier.


  1. So cute! And I love that you so often hand-deliver birthday party invitations.

  2. How fun. What a good idea. Serve the cookies right before parent pick up......hah.

  3. This was the most darling party! I stumbled across your blog once, but hadn't been able to remember how to get back until recently. Your blog speaks so beautifully of home and family. It's given me that boost of inspiration I needed...thank you!

  4. I bet this party was awesome and ws a blast. Good job in your idea. Thanks for sharing, made me re-think of my own theme for my baby's upcoming birthday. Keep it up

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