Making Gift Giving Personal.

Teacher gifts are so fun to put together. Generally I like to streamline the buying process by giving all of the children's teachers the same gift. This year I bought them a Barnes & Noble gift card. Have you ever met a teacher that doesn't like books? Me either. I know that these days a lot of people (me included) use Amazon for book purchases but I still love walking into a real bookstore and making a purchase every now and then. It feels like a treat. To make the gift cards a little more personal I wrapped them up in a simple kraft box with some favorite chocolate using Minted's new personalized wrapping paper.

I was nervous ordering wrapping paper online because I can be very particular when it comes to gift wrap. The paper can't be too thin (the thicker the better!) and it has to be packaged well. There's nothing worse than working with creased, wrinkled paper. When my Minted paper arrived in a card board tube I knew it would be in great condition. The quality of the paper is also fantastic. Nice and thick with a subtle sheen to it. It was really fun choosing from all of the available designs too. I liked the Chalkboard Monogram and the Watercolor Wild Flower Buds the best but I'll tell you what, it was hard limiting my purchase to two!

When the boxes were all packed and wrapped I used baker's cord, baby leaf boxwood garland (found in the floral section of the craft store) and thick natural wool yarn to top them off.

I think the kids' teachers are going to love them.


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