DIY Galvanized Tree Collar.

Earlier this season I fell in love with a galvanized tree collar from an online retailer. By the time I was ready to make my purchase the tree collar was sold out. I was heartbroken! Then I remembered that I had a galvanized tub in my garage that would be perfect for a DIY version. I bought my 15 gallon tub from Lowe's a few years ago and it looks like it's not available online but you can still find them in the store.

To make your tree collar use a reciprocating saw armed with a fine metal cutting blade to remove the bottom of the tub. Just saw around the inside perimeter. It should remove right along the weld line and not leave any sharp edges.

After the bottom of the tub is removed place your tree stand in the center of the collar and add your tree. Easy as that!  I think I'm going to add a bit of burlap or other natural material to conceal the tree stand.

My little Charlie Brown Christmas tree looks so cute tucked inside my new tree collar. Now if I could just figure out how to get those delicate tree branches to hold more of our ornaments!


  1. It's a lovely tree! And the galvanized look suits it well!

  2. darling idea! i have a version i bought on clearance after christmas from terrain. it makes the tree look so much cleaner. never going back to a tree skirt.

  3. So sweet! I love the simplicity.

  4. I got one before it sold out! But when my husband saw it he first said....I could have made that! Nice job. Looks just like the one I bought! I love the simplicity of it and we always get a charlie brown tree too.

  5. so classic and beautiful! your photography is gorgeous as well. i love all your DIYs - thanks for sharing such great ideas.

  6. This looks great!

    I've been putting my Christmas tree in a metal bucket for years :)


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