I had a few minutes this morning to sit down and peruse Pinterest. It seems like lately I go through Pinterest phases. For awhile I'll love it. I feel inspired by all the images and pin away happily. And then it hits. Over stimulization. There are too many ideas! Too many projects! And dare I say- too many sweet and tempting recipes? Yes, too many of those. When this happens I take a little break from it all and just get back to doing what I do. I've been on a Pinterest break lately but it felt good to feel inspired by all of the wonderful content swirling around the Internet this morning. Do you ever feel like you need a break from Pinterest? 

1. This beautiful laundry room from Design Mom via my original pin | 2. Pinecone Garland from Free People via Kelly | 3. DIY Potato Print from Signepling via Casey | 4. Knit Everyday Overalls from Misha and Puff via Joanna | 5. the sweetest quote via Stephanie and Oxblood Nails from A Cup of Jo via Joanna.


  1. I'm so with you, I'm a bit off again on again with pinterest. Some days i can't even bring myself to open it up.

  2. Hm...Pinterest! Yes a love/hate relationship exists there for me. Okay let's face it I love it but while I do find it to be motivating and inspirational I also find it depressing at times. All those amazing ideas that I didn't think of first or worse yet, ideas that I thought were original but it turns out I was wrong. So so wrong! lol! I think taking breaks from it is a good idea. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for sharing the sweetest quote. Oh, how that is so true for me. I LOVE IT. <3


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