Our New House | The Upstairs.

The upstairs of the new place is all bedrooms and bathrooms. The two images below are of the master bedroom. It's a pretty space with a little walk in closet and a simple bathroom. The bathroom isn't fancy- just a sink, toilet and stand up shower but is just what we need.

These next two images of are of the girls' room. I feel really lucky that we inherited that beautiful mature maple tree (see it out their window?!) when we bought the house. It's at peak color right now and stops me in my tracks every time I head down the hall.

Before we moved in we painted all the kids' rooms "Agreeable Gray" by Sherwin Williams, updated the trim around the base and the doorways and replaced their light fixtures. Those simple fixes made the rooms feel almost new! We were lucky that the dressers all fit snugly in the kids' closets which gives them a little more room.

Audrey and Abby are currently sleeping on mattresses on the ground, waiting for new beds to be delivered. (I'll share more about this next week.) And that pile of dresses on the floor? Well, Ryan's building the girls a new closet system this weekend so hopefully those dresses will be hung up soon.

These next two pictures are of Owen and Ollie's room. You can see the light fixture we used in all the kids' rooms in this first picture. I love the look of the school house lights but most of the ones I've seen are out of my budget. I bought the fixture shown here from Home Depot for $49.88. Great price, great quality.

Easton and Henry share the final bedroom. So far it's been a tricky arrangement since Henry got very sick right after we moved in. He was crying most of the night and none of us were getting any sleep. This was especially hard on Easton because he's waking up most mornings at 5 am for basketball practice. Thankfully Henry's been feeling better and getting back to sleeping through the night.

As you can see from these images, we're still not really settled. There is nothing on the walls + nothing has been decorated. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can pull things together and make this house feel more like home soon!

Thanks for taking the tour of our new house with me this week. I realize there are still things to share (the basement! the laundry room!) but that will come in time. I'll leave you with an image of the last original light fixture in this place. It was installed in 1983 when Ryan's parent built the house.


  1. Lovely! It's amazing what paint and new trim can do! Looks brand new. I love school house lights too. We almost put them in over our island but opted for pot lights instead. Maybe we'll change them one day. Love the Rise and Shine print!

  2. Love your tree and how bare every room is. It's so refreshing.

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