The first weekend in October is one of my very favorites of the whole year. Here's why this one was so good:

-Saturday started off with a run and some fresh granola.
-We listened to conference while the children doodled and made a mess of the dining room table.
-I cooked up my annual batch of Pumpkin Butter to enjoy between General Conference sessions on Sunday. (We eat it on crepes with whipped cream and a smidgen of maple or caramel syrup. Oh it's so good!)
-We took two walks around the neighborhood on Sunday because the weather was as perfect as it could possibly be.

And of course there were all of the inspired talks we enjoyed from the leaders of our church. I have some favorites that I plan on re-listening to today while I put this house back together (and a couple I know I didn't get to fully enjoy due to noisy little children!) I feel edified and uplifted. I received some answers to things I've been pondering in my heart and feel thankful to have a Father in Heaven that is aware of me and loves me. I hope your weekend was just as happy.


  1. That sounds like a marvelous weekend! I'll have to check out that pumpkin butter recipe, that on crepes sounds like pretty much the perfect autumn flavor combination.

  2. General Conference this weekend was so amazing...I, too, felt answers pour into my heart as I listened to the inspired messages being delivered. I'm always so sad when it has to come to an end.

    Pumpkin butter sounds really yummy...I'll have to try that out. :-)

  3. Sounds and looks like you had a fabulous weekend. x

  4. It was truly a wonderful conference weekend. Thanks for your list of favorites. I definitely had my own as well, but it's always so fun to see what touched someone else's soul.


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