Getting Things Done. Or not.

You know how moving is. There is so much to do! Closets to clean out, loads of stuff to take to the Goodwill drop off, sorting, cleaning... it's never ending. Especially when added upon regular life. And because sometimes things just work out this way, little Henry has decided that now is the time to get really ambitious and curious and mischievous. I follow his chubby little legs around all day to save him from stray Legos. It's so tiring and so wonderful to see the world through the eyes of a baby. I try really hard not to complain because the joy he brings completely makes up for the trail of torn papers, the anxiety of possible choking hazards and the to do list that I can't seem to get on top of.


  1. You're doing a great job. When you're a Mum the 'to do' list always seems never ending doesn't it! Love Henry's gorgeous, chubby little legs - my son's were exactly the same :-)

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