Happy Birthday Owen!

Today has been wonderful. Fall is here and along with celebrating the cooler weather we're celebrating 9 years with our Owen. Owen is one of those kids that loves to laugh. Everyday I look forward to him hopping off the school bus because I know that he'll tell me a funny story about his day. Along with having a great sense of humor, Owen is a talented artist, a nice brother and an all around great person. I think every family should be lucky enough to have an Owen. We sure feel blessed to have him.


  1. He sounds like a great kid :-) x

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  3. I still love that we have children that turn the same ages within just days of each other. I promise I'll stop leaving comments now! I had so much to catch up on and I'm always happy to stop by your little space and see the fun things you've been doing. Have a wonderful October!


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