Moment For Me.

It can be difficult to find time in the summer to do things just for me. With the children all home from school our days are full of activities to keep them happy and entertained. We're at the pool, we're at the library, we go to free movies, we play at the park. I love doing these things with them and am so grateful for the love and happiness they bring to my day.

During the school year I find little snippets of time to do things that I enjoy, that are just for me, but in the summer it's tricky. When evening rolls around I'm so exhausted that I usually go to bed as soon as the children are all tucked in for the night. Because of this, I jumped at the chance to work with Häagen-Daz on their "Moment For Me" campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to cherish those everyday moments that make life so lovely and to take the time to be inspired by them.  I'll be sharing my moments by tagging images on instagram #HDmoment and would love for you to join in too. Stay tuned for other ways Häagen-Daz is seeing to it that I take a few moments for me.


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