Craft Camp 2013 | Day One.

The first day of craft camp is always so exciting. The girls are eager to see what we'll be making and I'm eager to get to get to know these campers a little better. To kick things off I decided it would be fun to do a craft I've never done before at camp- a diorama.

I had my two long picnic tables set up end to end with a paper mache box, deer, paint brush and name tag for each girl. (we only wear name tags on day one so the girls can learn each other's names.)

After briefly explaining what a diorama is and how we would be making one, the girls set to work. They began by pasting an image to the inside of the box. Then they used the foam paintbrush and mod-podge to adhere old book pages to the rest of the box.

When the boxes were covered in book pages the girls added moss, branches, bark, rocks (anything they could forage from my yard) and the deer. The final touch was a little paper banner added to the top that they could write whatever they wanted.

The girls loved this craft. After polling them at the end of the week the diorama's were in the top two favorite projects.

Here's what we used to make ours:
Paper Mache Square Box
1" Poly Foam Brush
Mod Podge
Deer Cupcake Pick (spray painted silver)
Supermoss Moss Mat


  1. darling idea! I love that this project has a few rules, but leaves a lot up to the imagination.

  2. LOVE!!! the banner is so adorable!! may i ask if you made the banner or had it made?

  3. So cute! I wish I could've gone to craft camp!!

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