Hello, May!

May is here! To celebrate her arrival (we all agree that the month of May is a girl, right?) I spent the morning with friends creating these sweet arrangements. We etched tiny polka dots onto baby food jars then filled them with backyard garden lilacs and grocery store bunches. Lindsay hand lettered the prettiest tags while we sat and chatted about raising kids, recent neighborhood burglaries (scary!) and how to celebrate Mother's Day. It was the best way to usher in one of the year's loveliest months. 

Now we're off to make some deliveries. I hope you're having a happy May Day too.


  1. That sounds dreamy...and I kind of hate using that word. :) I wish I had Lindsay's lettering skills and I guess I should start buying baby food instead of making it so I can do stuff with the jars!

  2. Such a good idea to get together with friends to make gifts! It's usually something I'm squeezing in, but if it were a social event, even a small one, I might actually put some forethought into it!

  3. What a lovely way to spend the day!!! Those arrangements are so sweet! I bet they smell divine also.

    My parents have lilac bushes just outside the kitchen window so every morning in spring when I walked into the kitchen the scent of lilacs woke me up. Love.

    Jess / Sparkles and Crafts

  4. Perfect little arrangements! I hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea, so I can deliver one to a friend who is in the hospital. I have some glass Starbucks frappuccino bottles that I think will substitute nicely. Do you mind replying with a brief comment on how to etch the polka dots?


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