Paper Covered Books.

I've been s l o w l y trying to pull together the decor in our family room. The gallery wall I shared a while back has gotten a couple of more frames, I've added plants and a new throw pillow. My biggest complaint of this space is the lack of lighting. It's fine during the day because it gets great natural light, but at night the one floor lamp I have wasn't cutting it. Lamps can be expensive and since there isn't any room in the budget right now for a new one, I did a bit of swapping and this yellow number from our bedroom ended up next to the sofa. I love the way the yellow looks against the walls and couch.

The issue with using this lamp is that it was at a bad height once placed on the stool. My habit of searching Ebay and thrift shops for older craft and decorating books finally came in handy! The books are full of inspiring ideas but don't always come in great shape (ripped covers, banged up corners). Covering the books in paper gave them new life and helped elevate the lamp to a proper height.

When I was in school we had to wrap all our textbooks in paper to preserve the covers. Who knew one day I'd be doing the same thing for home decor? Do you like the look of paper wrapped books too?

Here's a quick refresher for you if you'd like to cover your banged up books. All you need is a heavy weight paper and scissors. Butcher paper or kraft shipping paper are ideal.

Cut a piece of paper from the roll that is roughly 2 times the width of your book. Place your book on the center of the cut paper. Fold up the bottom edge of the paper until you reach the book, creating a crease. Repeat this step on the top edge of the paper.

Once the top and bottom edges of the paper have been folded, place your book on the paper then wrap the length of the paper around the cover.

Next tuck the book corners into the paper cover pockets.

That's it! Super simple, right?

What are your plans this weekend? Is the weather supposed to be nice? We're expecting a bit of rain but I don't mind one bit. We're planning on staying in and watching General Conference anyway so I think the rain will just make things more cozy. Have a great one!


  1. cute lamp, and a great way to make what you have work...and look cute while doing so.

  2. What a cute idea! It's totally bringing me back to my junior high days, when my school made us cover every single textbook!

  3. It's exactly what I need for my bedroom lamp! Thanks for sharing.
    I covered my son's math book with an old road map of France in September. It looked amazing, and still does. Bonus point: the map belonged to my grand-father who passed away a few years ago. How's that for Sweet memories and Recycling ;)

  4. Love all of these posts Danyelle. All so beautiful! And I love that you moved your lamp downstairs. That shade of yellow is fantastic with gray.


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