Palouse Falls.

Yesterday we took a little road trip to Palouse Falls. We didn't tell the children where we were headed when we loaded up the car and when we arrived they were beyond surprised to see such a gorgeous waterfall so close to home. It was my first time seeing Palouse Falls too. I can't help wondering what other gems are tucked away in my home state? What else have I been missing over the last 32 years?

We drove a different route home and were struck by the beauty of the rural landscape. The spring greens and bright blues were stunning! When I was younger I day dreamed of moving away to someplace exciting or foreign, but the older I get the more I appreciate where I live. It's beautiful and safe and I can't imagine raising our children anywhere else. Funny how that happens, huh?


  1. Isn't it just stunning! We discovered palouse falls a few years ago, and I said the same thing. Why hadn't I been here before!
    We heard that a world record was broken there for the longest kayak jump! crazy!

  2. I love Palouse falls, I have a picture of Dusty and I when we were engaged standing in the exact spot that you are with your kiddos! so happy you are exploring your area - obviously, something i'm passionate about!

    happy spring! xo.

  3. Lurker here, but I grew up in the same area. Two other areas I loved exploring with my family were the Dry Falls and Sun Lakes areas near Grand Coulee Dam. Seeing Palouse Falls always reminds me of those trips I took with my family.

  4. Wow! I had no idea this place existed - thanks so much for sharing... put this on our list of summer camping spots :)

  5. Washington is such a beautiful state! I wouldn't mind raising my future littles there someday!

    Kylee from Utah!

  6. Beautiful! I love that you didn't tell your kiddos where you were going until you got there--it's those little things that they'll always remember when they're older.

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