Lately, I've been...

- Reading this. Thinking it would make a good Mother's Day gift for your bestie.
- Craving raspberries and light desserts.
- Wishing a pair of these in a size 8 would appear in my closet.
- Listening to a lot Of Monsters And Men. Perfect for spring sunshiny days.

Craving image by Bree Hester of Baked Bree


  1. I just saw knockoffs of those Jeffrey Campbell shoes! They have a bunch of fun colors. I saw them in a boutique but I found them on Amazon too!

  2. Those wedges are super cute and look comfortable too!

  3. Oh dear, Danyelle. I have had my heart set on those shoes for a while and didn't know that they have new colors in stock! Now I am in trouble.

  4. Totally bought shoes that look just like those at Nordstrom rack:) love love them

  5. Katrina Kenison also wrote "Mitten Strings for God." Have you ever read that? It's one of my favorite books on motherhood and family life. :)