Eight Weeks.

It's easy to forget a baby's first eight weeks. Time can become a blur of middle of the night feedings, diaper changes, laundry and a general feeling of disorder as you live on baby's schedule. Is it strange that I adore the first eight weeks? There is something magical about a new baby in the house. Their spirits are so big while their bodies are so small. I become entranced by tiny toes, growing eyelashes and knowing looks.

By the time my babies reach eight weeks I begin to feel like myself again. My clothes still aren't fitting and I'm still forgetful but I'm sleeping better and I've gotten to know my little ones pretty well. 

Henry is an independent boy. He'll let you cuddle him for a bit then he likes to be on his own, observing the world around him. He's patient with Audrey's coos and Ollie's pokes. His tiny hands are almost always in fist.

And he has completely captured my heart.

Oh, and he has just started smiling! If only I can figure out this new lens enough to not miss every single one.


  1. My son is due in 11 weeks and this post just warmed my heart all the way through. Henry makes me even more excited to meet my son!!! He is beautiful.

  2. So lovely and cute! Awesome really!
    Loved to read your words!

  3. Love it, Danyelle! Babies really are such a blessing. Henry is a cutie :)

  4. He is such an adorable baby boy! I know just how you feel about how these first few weeks are special with a newborn. I can't seem to stop kissing my little guy! So happy you all are doing so well!

  5. "Their spirits are so big while their bodies are so small..."

    good words. and the sweetest reminder.
    love that boy.
    love, lindsay

  6. I have a question for you. I am looking for a new bag. What do you think of your black bag from madewell? Also thinking of one from fabric & handle. I would love your input.

  7. So very sweet. He's beautiful!
    My boy is 12 weeks now... it goes by so fast!

  8. I totally agree. I never tire of a newborn. It really is a magical time.

  9. So sweet! My youngest is just 18 months, but I already miss those early baby days--they grow up so quickly!

  10. he is so cute :)
    just like my baby girl..

  11. your babies are absolutely beautiful and Henry is no exception. i love your words about their spirits being so big and the knowing looks. i wish i was as wise as these big spirits are. happy eight weeks to you and that sweet baby of yours!

  12. I just discovered your blog and I love it. I have a new baby at home as well (along with a 2yr old) and I can really relate to everything that you've written. Your sweet boy is adorable. Congrats!


  13. Oh little Henry is BEAUTIFUL. I have 5 boys but seeing your sweet babe makes me wish I had more:) I was thinking about the darling Spring in the Mail package I won from your site years ago. I think I may offer a similar giveaway on my site www.melandboys.blogspot.com and give you credit for the fantastic idea. I still use the little vases! That was such a treat to get--especially the spring in a can:) Thanks again!

  14. I so needed to read this! He is such a darling. Am hoping that I can relax and enjoy and notice the first 8 weeks of this second babe much much more than I did with my first.

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