Newborn Baby Checklist.

With baby number six due to arrive at the beginning of the new year I've been collecting the essential items. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what things are really needed, what things are a luxury and what things are a complete waste. I've been asked how I manage a home with such a large family and my number one tip is to be happy with less. Sure, it would be great to buy and test out every piece of baby clothing, gear and toy out there but frankly, I don't have the time nor the energy. The things on my list are simple. They are tried and true. We often forget that really, a baby needs very little. It's the media, marketers and yes, sometimes blogs that make us believe our baby is missing out if we don't have it all. These eight layette items are things I've used with each of my babies and are considered must haves. Your list may be different considering the time of year baby is born, your climate, etc. but I believe this is a pretty good starting point.

1. Baby hats- I've never had a summer baby and all of my babes have had little hair so hats make my list. These knotted ones are great. I'm also really loving these darling pilot versions by Hanna Andersson.

2. Cloth diapers - I don't cloth diaper but I use them as burp cloths and they work great. They are the perfect size and are very absorbent.

3. Socks- I hear people complain all the time about baby socks. They don't work that well on their own the first few weeks due to baby's tiny ankles but are perfect for layering with footed sleepers. Once baby puts on a bit of weight, I've always had good luck with these fluffy white ones from GAP.

4. Footed onepiece- Anyway I can keep baby's toes toasty makes the list. Footed onepiece's are nice to have on hand when you start taking baby out of the house and want them to still be warm and comfortable.

5. Baby gowns - When I had Easton almost 13 years ago I was a little unsure of baby gowns. They seemed a little girly and I didn't think I needed them. My mother bought me a few anyway and I remember sending her out for a few more after I gave them a try. They are perfect for those first weeks when you're getting little sleep and changing diaper after diaper in the middle of the night. No buttons to button, no snaps to snap, no zippers to zip. Nice and easy.

6. White onesies- More specifically, Carter's white onesies. I don't generally lean toward specific brands when it comes to baby clothing except where white onesies are concerned. Carter's are my favorite. They are the softest and wash up the best. The long sleeve newborn size has flaps that fold over the hands to protect baby from their own fingernails which is an added bonus.

7. Baby pants- I'm not a fan of babies wearing actual clothes (like jeans) until their older. I prefer my babies in the softest most cuddly clothing possible. Cotton pants work great paired with white onesies when you tire of seeing your little one in a sleeper all day.

8. Swaddling blankets- It's probably a funny thing to admit but it stresses me out to see a newborn baby that's not swaddled. Their arms are flailing about and they just don't seem very happy. As you might guess, I'm a firm believer in swaddling so having nice blankets on hand is a must. I've always used blankets my mother has made to swaddle my babes and am excited to add these muslin blankets by Aden + Anais to the mix for #6. I don't remember seeing them when I had Oliver and I've only heard amazing reviews.

What baby clothing items are your favorite? Anything I missed?


  1. I love your list and completely agree about the simplicity. Adding two babies this year to an already tight space has been a creative challenge. Not just the equipment but the clothing also. The socks inside footed sleepers is the key to keeping their feet in place! And those gap socks are the only ones that stay on...I agree.

    If you are going to add any new equipment I would highly suggest the Mamaroo. It takes the place of both the swing and bouncer, has a smaller footprint than both and is amazing. We found one used and our Little Mister has absolutely loved it.

    And the muslin blankets by Adin & Anais are a new must have for swaddling. Their hooded towel is amazing also... found online.

    So excited for your family!!

  2. I love the nature baby booties. I got them in black stripe and also in pink stripes. They are very soft even after so many washings and what I really like is that they stay on my baby's feet for a long time. My baby usually gets compliments whenever she wears them.

  3. I love your list too!

    I made some DIY Aden + Anais type swaddlers based on this post:

    My baby is almost 10 mo. now. They are his favorite! He grabs them and smooshes his face into them when he's sleepy. In case you're looking to save some money, there's an idea for ya. :D

  4. What a great list! As someone who currently has a newborn, I couldn't agree more with this lineup. I'm also a huge fan of these organic burp cloths found on Amazon: They are a few dollars more that the Gerber cloth diapers, but they are so so soft and are also very absorbent. I invested in 2 packs (8 of them) and keep them on rotation throughout the week. Maybe my favorite item for a newborn. Best of luck welcoming that new baby boy!

  5. Great list. I too have found with each baby that my list of "baby needs" gets smaller and smaller. Onesies, soft, cozy jammies, socks, diapers and good blankets. That's it for me. So different than almost 13 years ago when I thought my new baby needed ALL the equipment.

    Love the Aden + Anais swaddling blankets. I received a set as a gift when I had Eva. They are the perfect blanket, large enough to get a good swaddle and light enough that baby doesn't get too warm. I loved them so much that I bought a boy set for Daniel. ;)

  6. Having just had baby #4, I agree with simplicity. The more "needs" you have for you kids, the bigger the mess is to clean up!

    That said, my one splurge is sock rings from
    They totally keep your baby's socks on even when they are older and can pull them off.

  7. I love your list too! We have 4 little ones and my newborn essentials are about like yours... the more kids we have the less stuff we use! simplicity is key!

  8. loving your list. and YES, my babes LOVE the swaddle. definite believer in swaddling. happy baby-ness. enjoy all the preps!

  9. I also get bothered by unswaddled babies and I thought it was just me ~ glad to hear I'm not the only one! I had a newborn last year at this time and someone gave me the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets as a gift. BEST GIFT EVER! I'm not sure how I raised my first child without them! (No, I was not paid to say this ~ I mean it!)

  10. I LOVE my Aden & Anais swaddle blankets. We weren't "stuff" people, even with my first but I did splurge on some chew beads ( I got lots of compliments on them and the baby loved them too.

  11. I love Aden & Anais too! This time around, the hospital sent us home with a Halo sleeper and its a must have. It makes swaddling a breeze for those middle-of-the-night feedings. I now reserve Aden & Anais for daytime.

  12. I've been so behind on blog reading, I didn't realize [or maybe I just spaced] you were pregnant - congrats!! funny, we must have both gotten pregnant shortly after alt ;) This is a great list, think I've got most of everything on here! Hope you're doing well - best wishes!!

  13. I totally agree with you on knit pants. Babies should be in soft snugly clothes.

  14. Fantastic list. Takes 6, I guess, to whittle it down. I had #3 a year ago. Agree with the Carter onesies, and Aden and Anais blankets. I'd add the Miracle Blanket. It is a real fool-proof, middle-of-the-night proof swaddling solution. Also love Kissy Kissy for soft layette pieces. Get one of their cotton cardigans - you won't regret it!

  15. 3 months left and my baby will come out already. I am really excited that is why I already did shopping with some of the apparels that my baby will use, including babies hats, shoes, dresses, and towels. I just can't wait how adorable my baby will look like.

  16. Great list for newborn baby! I love the aden and anais swaddle blankets for everything. I just found a website for natural baby products that is great. They have a great selection of organic baby products!

  17. i love this list! you are so like me...i don't like putting my babies in "real" clothes either...just cuddly duds. soft cotton. and i use cloth diapers for burp rags too. they work great!

  18. We also have our own checklist when my wife gave birth to our first baby. I made sure that all the things our baby needs was already bought and ready for its purpose.

  19. I will surely include your tips on my list. This checklist will help us choose the best things for our baby!

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