Links to Love.

This week has just gone ahead and zipped right by. Audrey and Ollie both started preschool, Easton has been preparing for a football jamboree, Owen's gearing up for his first flag football season and Abby's settling into life as a 5th grader. As for me, I hosted my bunco group on Tuesday (been playing with these ladies for 13 years!), prepped a craft for 55 little ladies in our stake, and been making lists of things this little babe needs. It's been a good, productive week. This weekend is set to be just as busy but thus is life, right?

I have a few fun links to share but before I do I wanted to show you this little ghost pin project I put together for the lovely ladies over at Eighteen25. Every year they host a Spooktacular September event on their blog. If you're not familiar, they have different bloggers contribute a craft, recipe, decorating idea and the like every day of the month. There's also a few giveaways thrown in for good measure. If you aren't already checking it out, you should! You can find the full tutorial for the Spooky Ghost Pin right here.

Here are some other links from the week that I loved:
-Rebekka creates my favorite monthly desktop calendars
-Do you love Downton Abbey, too? Then you need to see this. And this!
-Jenn has the best ideas and the funniest stories to go along with them
-These are all great picks but that tissue box is my fave.


  1. Rebekka's desktop wallpapers are my favorite, too! I look forward to them at the end of each month :)

  2. I love Downton Abbey. In fact, a friend posted a picture she took of the actual castle this week, which prompted me to dream one night that Michelle Dockery (who plays Lady Mary) sat down near me on a train in London. So goofy. :-)

  3. Downton Abbey is my Fall TV. I haven't watched it yet but since I'm so far behind, I've got lots of good viewing ahead of me.

    Your project at eighteen25 was adorable.

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