Fall isn't officially here until Saturday but we're settling into the new routine quite well. I've gotten myself into the habit of waking early. So early. An entire hour before anyone else stumbles down the stairs. This gives me plenty of time to read, pray and ponder in a quiet house. It's been so good for my soul.

Then, I head out on 5 mile walk along the pretty river. I've never been very good at staying with an exercise regimen for long and I think I've finally figured out the secret. Want to know what it is? Get yourself a good walking buddy. Someone that's dependable. It's made all the difference knowing someone is waiting on me.

After the big kids have hopped on the bus, Audrey and Ollie get their teeth and hair brushed. They now rotate preschool days which gives me a couple mornings a week for one on one time with the each of them. Some days we read a pile of books. Some days we run errands. And some days we wander around Target finding all sorts of fun things to add to our wish lists. Audrey likes to do this wearing every piece of striped clothing she owns.

Afternoons are for napping. Them and me.

And then the busy time. After school snacks, homework, and football. Dinner prep. Clean up. Family scripture reading and prayer. Baths. Tucking in and goodnight kisses. Climbing into bed just to wake the next morning + do it all again.

There's a reason fall has always been my favorite. It's that feeling of settling in. And it's lovely.


  1. Starting out my day with yoga or a run really affects my mommy demeanor in a positive way. I'm glad you found a way to get that for yourself.

  2. As much as I love summer, I'm excited for fall as well. The cool air and just as you said...settling in :)

  3. Your family's fall routine sounds very simliar to ours. My husband and I have started getting up an hour before we normally would have to too to get up to go walking/running outside and it is the BEST having someone who's depending on you to get up and exercise with you. It gives us some great one on one time too.
    Happy fall my friend! Isn't this time of year just the best? :)

  4. I need a new routine. I love how yours sounds. I need to get up earlier in the morning. I think I'll start tomorrow!

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