Brown Paper Packages.

On Friday I had the pleasant surprise of finding an unexpected package on my doorstep. Happy mail! It seems like ages since this last happened and I have to say, it was lovely. The package was about the most kind "thank you" I've received from my friend Jane. All for taking Jane's darling family boating while they happened to be in town one evening this summer.

As soon as I saw the package came from Jane I knew I was in for a treat. Jane, like many of you, shares my affinity for a well packaged gift and as I opened the box, I was completely smitten. There were brown paper packages, mini wooden scrabble tiles, bows and my personal favorite, a wooden box for the babe.

Each of the children were so excited to open their gift. I appreciated how Jane not only took the time to find a little something she knew they would enjoy, but wrapped their treat up in such a way that made it feel extra special. Isn't happy mail the best?!

p.s. I've done a bit of searching because I was sure you'd ask. You can find some mini wooden scrabble stickers here, some great bags for packaging here, wooden boxes with sliding lids here, and those super cute + incredibly soft outfits for the babe? You can find something similar here.


  1. How sweet! Half the fun is the packaging :) It gets you even more excited!

  2. aww that is such a sweet thing, her packaging is so lovely! always nice to get a present surprise :)

  3. pretty much the most thoughtful thing i've seen in a long time! i love everyone's name spelled out.. and that bicycle onesie is oh so darling. looks like your friend knows you quite well to go to all that trouble!! what a sweetie.

  4. What a fun and generous surprise! But Audrey and Oliver's little smiles are my favorite part of this whole post. :-)

  5. Those are some darling little packages. I too adore snail mail. What sweet and thoughtful gifts. Thank you for the links. I was about to start searching for those scrabble letters.


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