Creating A Play School.

I mentioned earlier this week that school officially begins in our neck of the woods in two short weeks. While we've been busy going through clothes and making lists of needed supplies, I've been putting together a little "play school" for Audrey + Ollie. It hit me that although both of them will be attending preschool this year, they spend the majority of their day caught up in pretend play. Here are a few favorite scenarios: Audrey will be the mommy and Ollie will be the baby. Audrey will be the doctor and Ollie will be the sick, sick patient. And if she's feeling especially generous, Audrey will be the princess and Ollie will be the superhero on a mission to rescue her from evil.

When they're not caught up in their own little world, their second favorite thing to do is to color. I happen to be Ollie's nursery leader at church and he loves to color on the chalkboard while we're there. One day it hit me that we would save a lot of trees and moments of arguing over coloring books if we created a simple chalkboard to use at home. So that's what we did.

One evening after dinner Ryan and I ran to a friend's nearby farm. We were in search of a couple scrap pieces of weathered wood and found exactly what we needed after a few minutes. We then measured the wall where we wanted the chalkboard to hang, cut the wood to size creating the frame and inserted a cut piece of thin masonite board. From there Ryan painted the masonite with black chalkboard paint and after letting it dry for 24 hours, secured it to the wall.

Along with the new chalkboard, the little play school area has a kid-size table from IKEA and a few mismatched vintage chairs. I also taped up some vintage flash cards found in a local shop.

We can now add "Audrey is the teacher and Ollie is the student" to their list of favorite pretend play scenarios. They're both thrilled.


  1. Such a beautiful and inspiring space! I love the DIY chalkboard!

  2. adorable. I can only imagine how fun this space is. thank you for the inspiration!

  3. L - O - V - E this! Chalkboards are a hit in our house too. I love how you molded yours out with old barn wood. It's gorgeous.

    I've recently thrifted a couple of large picture frames (with ugly pictures in them), painted the frame a pretty color and then painted chalkboard paint right over the glass in the picture frame. I've given them away as gifts and they've always been a hit. I don't care if chalkboards ever go out of style. They're so fun and useful, I will always love them!

  4. alllllll I did as a kid was play school. i was always the teacher of course ;) now i homeschool so i can keep "playing" teacher..heehee.

  5. That's a sweet space to encourage creativity.

  6. i heart those flash cards.
    love, lin


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