Back To School Organizing.

This morning was spent wading through piles upon piles of kids clothes. We're trying to wrap our heads around the fact that school starts two weeks from today. Two weeks?!

The first step in our back to school prep every year is cleaning out the children's dressers. I started with Abby. Then Easton. When I made it to Audrey, the sweet girl had already emptied out her drawers and was re-folding and sorting her piles.

By the end of our 10 minute fashion show of trying things on, inspecting for stains and holes all we had left was a small pile. Some long sleeve t's, a few pairs of leggings, 2 skirts, and a dress she wore on the first day last year.

This girl of mine is growing! Both in body and maturity. She loves to play the mommy, wear her swimming suit all day, instruct Oliver in their make believe play "Oliver, pretend I'm the mommy and you're the baby.", and is constantly making us laugh with the ridiculous things she says.

I made a list in my phone of things to buy to supplement every one's wardrobes but am wondering how you handle back to school shopping? Do you do it all at once? Wait till the weather cools? Search thrift stores? I'm so curious to hear how others tackle this task.


  1. My process of buying new clothes for kids is haphazard at best, so I'll check back later to read everyone's good advice!

    But I have to ask -- is wearing a swimsuit all day part of playing mommy? ;)

  2. This is where I am no help to you at all, but I am thankful we Brits wear uniforms to school! Good luck with the shopping!

  3. I like to do something similar to what you do, see what they have already and then fill in the cracks. We usually hit the sales or find really good deals online. Rarely do I buy full price. Kids clothes are so hard since they do grow so fast!

  4. We take it a little at a time. I make a list and when I find it on a good deal then I pick it up. I buy them one new outfit for the first day and then we make do with what we have. I also love thrift stores and consignment.
    You are making me want to clean out our drawers. i guess it is time for that.

  5. We completely clean out drawers and closets like you do then do some fun shopping at the Nordstrom Pre Season sale while we are on vacation in San Clemente. With a teenage girl there is always that fear that someone else is going to have the exact same outfit or shirt. Shopping out of town where summer clothes are still coming in as the new pre season is fun and guarantees no twinners at school. Since our first two months of school are still very warm we wait on winter clothes until they are needed and then take inventory again. So essentially the kids get a few fresh summer pieces, new shoes and then continue to wear their summer wardrobe until winter!

    We start school tomorrow. Wish we had two more weeks!

  6. I buy the new jeans at the beginning, thank you Gap amazing sales. And I get a shirt or two to start off, pull out the old and then wait for it to cool down to buy much more. They wear summer clothes for quite a while, and they get new summer clothes over the summer since they never fit from the year before.

  7. We started school today, sniff, sniff! I cleaned out the uniforms and had my kiddos try them on. I tally what we have and what we need and then I order. Uniforms are a little bit easier, perhaps.

  8. I completely agree, Lyssa. It's hard to see them outgrow things quickly.

    I love your approach, Andrea. That's one of the reasons I put my list on my phone, it's always with me when I'm out and about.

    Suzanne, I secretly wish my children wore uniforms. I think it would make things so much easier!

  9. I'm with the Brits. We're at a charter school and Hooray for uniforms! Each of my kids gets 1 new non-uni outfit for "dress of choice day" and we spiff up the uniforms and we're ready to go.
    We do still have to go through drawers and closets though. Amazing how they grow. My 8 yr old daughter is suddenly all legs.

  10. If they haven't gone through a growth spurt and I know what their size is and about what they will be in for the year, I go by myself here and there.
    If I don't know (like this year, my 6 year shot up over the summer!) I make him come with me on one trip.

  11. Come to Seattle and we will hit all of the above...thrift, H&M, the Rack, U Village, etc. :) And then at night we will go out and eat our way through town and feed that growing babe of yours! xo

  12. hmmm, we sort of do the same thing - empty everything out, including the bins in the attic where we store the sizes that don't fit the older one anymore but not yet or maybe already the little one. Then I make a list and mostly just hit h&m online store - there's always some coupon code, I don't have to drag the kids shopping and we found that the quality lasts us more than 2 kids while being affordable. But then again, this is for Europe... good luck! Oh, and we also pack up and sell everything that doesn't fit or isn't loved at the semi annual local 2nd hand event... that usually pays for some of the new things.

  13. living in CA the days are still quite warm even into october. i tend to wait until the weather starts to cool and do inventory similar to yours. Having 3 kids, the only things all 3 get are a new jacket and new pairs of sneakers. otherwise it's really about individual needs.

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