Summer Project No.1

I'm happy to report we made some serious progress on the girls room this weekend! The walls and their bathroom are now painted, some art and accessories have been ordered and their new bedding (that has been sitting in a box for over a month!) finally made it on the bed. I still need to paint their old bookcase and figure out what to do about window treatments but I'm so happy to see the room coming together.

I don't usually get the decorating bug in the summer but right now it's all I'm thinking about. Does this happen to you? I have a feeling the hot, hot weather that's been keeping us indoors a bit more than usual is to blame. Anyway, I've been pinning some really inspiring images on my "Cozy Home" board if you'd like to take a peek.


  1. LOL!
    I just got done doing a whirlwind painting session. I did the master bedroom and our myself!

    I took advantage of the fact that my daughter and husband were in San Diego for 5 days. I was able to sleep in her bed to avoid fumes. (:

    I have seriously been bitten by the domestic bug. Call it early fall nesting, but I got it bad.

  2. Look forward to seeing the finished product! Can I ask where you purchased the 'rise and shine' print please?

  3. I would also LOVE to know where I can purchase that Rise and Shine poster- it's PERFECT for my house!


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