There are a few home related DIY projects on my to do list thanks to some images I've pinned recently.  I would love to make a dress for Audrey similar to the one from Olive Juice. Anyone know of something comparable that wouldn't be too difficult? I also really love Jenn's idea about cropping an Instagram and getting it blown up nice and big. And those succulent topiaries! Love those.

1.Amelie dress from Olive Juice Kids via Lorajean | 2.Plant Pot from Modernica via Nicole | 3.How to crop and display Instagrams by Jenn Kirk for Dot Coms for Moms via my original pin | 4.Succulent topiaries by JL Designs on Somewhere Splendid via Mindy | 5.Swansea beach radio from Anthropologie via my original pin.


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