My mind has been filled the past 24 hours with thoughts on Pinterest. I've been thinking a lot about this post my friend Stephanie wrote about How To Pin On Pinterest. It may sound like a simple enough thing, (especially for those of us who have been doing it for a couple of years) but after investigating my own boards, I discovered I have been a lazy pinner at times. In my early pinning days I repinned images without checking the link, pinned images to a blogs main url instead of a specific post where the image came from, and didn't credit properly. I wonder what your thoughts are on the subject? Do you take the time to check a pin's link before you re-pin? Do you care about properly crediting sources? Are you as excited about the idea of private pin boards as I am?

1.Peachy bouquet from the talented Sarah Winward via Mindy | 2.Eco friendly hand soap from Mignon Kitchen Co. via my original pin | 3.Summer wedges from Nordstrom via my original pin (found via this Making It Lovely fashion post) | 4.Flower garland from Sarah Winward via my original pin | 5.Scallops from Ruche via Natalie | 6.Peter pan collar dress from Zara via my original pin | 7.Spring friendship chain bracelet from Alexandra Jade via my original pin (found via THIS GIVEAWAY on Run Lucas Run.)


  1. I love Pinterest and I pride myself on being a good pinner; I make sure the pins go to the direct page, and if not, I'll take the time to search a little until I find it. Otherwise, I don't do it...I so hate getting excited about something and then I can't find it, because it doesn't go directly there.

  2. I admit, I got so upset by the whole controversy about pinning and copyright that I removed all my boards. Until things are worked out, I am just a lurker.

  3. I love love love pinterest but since all of the legal issues have been brought to my attention I am a bit hesitant. Something else I love though is Evernote... a great place to save articles to my own private online account. I really hope they make private boards available soon that I can still have online moodboards for projects I am working on but not have to worry about stepping on toes. But would all private boards take a lot of the fun out?

  4. i think my boards are 50/50, half super organized by me; half re-pinned also by me when i wanted the image but couldn't find an original link i still repinned. pinterest sinner!

    i hadn't read stephanie's article, but i read a similar one in the last month that covered most of the same points, and it also had me thinking a lot about this lately...

    i think the "re-pin" is what causes most of the trouble. if you had to go to the original link to re-pin, the problem would be solved, no? because sometimes after 20 clicks and a google search i still don't find an original post/image.

    also, i have a few dozen girlfriends who are not tech savvy, who i know ONLY click to re-pin and have no idea there is even a "give proper credit issue." it's strictly their visual dictionary for ideas. that crowd may not ever know that people are even concerned about this. :(

    off this subject, i always love seeing what you've pinned - you have great taste up there in the northwest! xoxo.

  5. I think this topic is very interesting. In the beginning of Pinterest I was definitely guilty of lazy pinning and didn't really ever even think of sources. Now, I see why it is so important. I appreciate the conversation about this and try to be a better pinner now.

    Your pinned boards are always pretty.

    And yes, I am excited about private boards!


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