Stash Staple | Twine.

I have to admit, I have a pretty healthy craft stash and find it hard to resist products that are a.) used as packaging or b.) packaged up really sweetly. It's a problem, I'm sure. One of my stash staples is twine. It has endless uses and looks pretty sitting on a shelf. I own a few different varieties of twine that are used frequently so I don't feel too bad about adding the lovelies shown above to my wish list.

1. Wooden Spool Holder from The Wanderlust | 2. Parcel Twine Trio from Besotted Brand (currently sold out but I'm keeping my fingers crossed there will be more soon.)


  1. ooo I love twine and those colours are great! thanks for sharing :)

  2. That's great looking twine - not an errant, stringy strand to be found. Maybe I should stop buying twine from the hardware store....

  3. Thank you for the sweet mention:) I too am quite obsessed with twine!


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