As I've been packing up the cozy brick house I've been thinking a lot about stuff. Material stuff, that is. Why do we buy what we buy? Is it because we need it, want it, love it, can't live without it? Or maybe some other reason? After dropping 20+ bags off to Goodwill, I am determined to be more choosy about the things we bring into our new home. I know you're thinking, 20 BAGS! That's bananas! And you're right, it is. I have been brutal in my purging. I've withered our possessions down to things that we need, (think kitchen items + other household basics) things that we want, (like electronics, toys, my craft supplies) and things that we love (art, books.) My goal is to live more simply. 

Along with this, I plan to be more conscious in my future purchases. Instead of buying something merely out of convenience, I want even the most basic of purchases (like a dustpan) to be something that is functional and lovely. We all need to have stuff, my plan is to have stuff that inspires. My pinboards are evidence of this.

1.Pretty Wall Collage from Design Sponge via Nicole  | 2.Simple Dustpan from Svpply via Suann | 3.Salt + Pepper Shakers from Terrain via my original pin | 4.Mud Austrailia Bowls from House & Home via Lindsay | 5.Jar With Wooden Lid from Merchant No. 4 via Suann | 6.Painted Wooden Spoons from Milk Farm Road via Mindy.


  1. I love the egg salt and pepper shakers; cute post!


  2. I'm with you. My goal is to purge 40 bags this month leading up to Easter. I have about 10 now. It is liberating to get rid of all the "stuff"!

  3. You are so right. I have been sifting through our things for the past few months, taking lots to charity shops and having got rid of stuff we really don't need, the house feels calmer and a lot less cluttered. The items you have pinned are lovely - you really have an eye for great design. Good luck with the move! Rachelx

  4. Over the last couple of years I have tried really hard to only buy nice, good quality things that I love. As a result, our holiday decorations are more simple, the kitchen countertops are clean, and stuff justs means more.

    All of your pinned picks are so fun.

  5. this is exactly what i did when we moved this year. we went from 8,000 square feet to half of that --- people kept saying, "oh... you're getting rid of so much stuff because you are downsizing." and although that was the initial motivation with moving out east. i loved the downsizing, i want to also live more simpler along the terms you mentioned. however, i like to think of it was "right-sizing." we can all live on less.

    and, i have always believed in buying quality over quantity. it just means more, lasts longer.


  6. i love that you are "purging" your stuff! soooooo smart, living simply would be a lot less stressful! the less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to clean :)

  7. YES!! I hear you. Loved this post and totally have been doing the same thing. Loving your picks too. Best of luck with the process.

  8. I'm right there with you! Our family has moved a lot in the last few years and that has inspired me, just like you, to ruthlessly purge all the extra stuff. And I can completely relate to wanting even the smallest, insignificant items to be special and inspiring (I'm currently hunting for a beautiful, modern stapler). It feels like you're living more mindfully and appreciating the small details more. And now with baby #2 due in July and another possible move before that I have kicked into high gear again with the purging. Almost obsessively so. The problem I keep running into is getting rid of the toys. My five year old is so attached to even the cheapest little toys that I can't seem to get rid of anything....and you can't just throw away half their toys when they're not looking and them not notice and morn over the toys. So, how do you deal with toy purging? I'd love to hear what works for others.

    I wish you all the best with your move! There is nothing better than a fresh start. Happy packing...and purging! --Darcy

  9. i just moved and have made several good will trips. downsizing feels good!

  10. the egg S&P shakers are awesome. You have so much great stuff on here, I love it!

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