This very moment. . .

The children are slowly waking up from their slumber. 
First, Easton. Makes his bed before leaving his room. So efficient and responsible.
Then Ollie. Opens his door with an armful of his favorite toys. Walks down the hall with his eyes still closed.
Owen's next. He bounds upstairs fully dressed with coat and backpack in hand.
The girls are the last. Everyday.
Abby asks if her pants are too dark to wear with her navy shirt. 
Audrey comes to me, rubbing her eyes and ready for a snuggle.

The prettiest light is streaming through the windows.

For some reason all I can think about this morning is the Project Yosemite video I spied on Design Mom a few weeks ago. It is completely stunning. Leaves me a little emotional even. I've never been to a National park and now all I want to do is pack my little family in the car and drive south into California to see it's majesty for ourselves. Have you been to Yosemite? What kinds of things do I need to know?

I've given myself a challenge for the weekend that I'm excited to tell you about. I plan to lug my camera around (like in the good old days before iPhones and Instagram) and capture images of our happenings for my weekending post. Check back Monday to see how I did, dearies.

Happy Weekend to you!

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  1. Sweet post :) I just love your blog. You are such a darling mom!

  2. I love the visual of each of your children as they start their day. So sweet.

  3. We live just a few hours away from the valley of Yosemite. Definitely a family trip worth taking and we would be up for visitors. We went one year in April for Spring break and it was gorgeous with lots of water on the falls and everything. It can get really busy in the summer and if you want to camp you have to get reservations really early.

  4. Omigosh, I can't believe you've never been to a National Park! They are fantastic, and your little family will love them. My mom and dad were huge on National Parks when I was growing up, so most family vacations were spent driving around the country visiting parks, taking little hikes, staying at weird motels, etc. Really amazing memories!

  5. Yosemite is lovely. You can do rock climbing if you are into that, or just eat a lovely lunch at the hotel there (it's like practically the only one) with its fun atmosphere.


  6. LOVE Yosemite! My biggest tip would be to talk to a Park Ranger....seems obvious, but they know all the secrets that you won't find on your own. (and also probably some awesome stories)

  7. this makes me so happy!
    love, lindsay

  8. I grew up in CA, not too far from Yosemite and have been there MANY TIMES! It's beautiful and peaceful. My last memory from there is hiking half dome on a date and being so sore the next day that I literally couldn't get out of bed. But it was still fun all the same.

  9. I so love the description of each of your kids waking up. Ollie's is my favorite.

  10. I love that top image Danyelle. So pretty in a chiaroscuro sort of way.


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