Reader Worthy | Angela Hardison.

How do you choose which blogs are added to your google reader? For me, it's a tricky process. My computer time (as is yours, I'm sure) is very limited. My family is my first and foremost priority so I try to be careful about the number of blogs I subscribe to. This helps keep that pull to the computer at bay. Some blogs are perused every few weeks, others longer than that. Every so often I come across a blog that is immediately added to my google reader because I don't want to miss a single post.

Angela Hardison is one of those blogs.

I became familiar with Angela's work when I stumbled upon Seesaw long ago. Then, after seeing this darling print making the rounds around the holidays I landed myself on her site, Angela Hardison. Angela's posts are simple beauty. Her projects are exactly my style, her photography is lovely and her thrifting finds leave me wanting to head to my local shop in search of treasures of my own. I get happy every time a new post pops up in my reader, making Angela's blog reader worthy.

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Image: Angela Hardison


  1. Oh great...another blog for me to read!! :) Wow, it is gorgeous, thank you.

  2. I took a peek, and followed straight away! Great content, and such a nice and simple design, too :)

  3. i recently found her myself and am smitten. her writing is thoughtful and her projecst are just outstanding.

  4. Wow - you're right. Fresh with great ideas. Thanks for the tip!


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