Nearly Three.

Where does the time go?

P.S. Please read this article. It is so, so good and had me all weepy when I was through.


  1. What a sweet, SWEET picture. My baby boy just turned 9 months this past weekend and I'm feeling a bit weepy that he's not really a baby anymore. I had to box away "baby" toys and fold up a bunch of onesies. Please tell me 3-year-olds still love to snuggle and love their mamas.

  2. my nearly nine year old boy was in our bed all night, not feeling well. he's still there skipping school today & now i just want to lay in bed with him all day. beautiful article. so true.

  3. What a wonderful article! My little one is turning three tomorrow. His big brother is going to school next fall. It goes by too quickly. The little one still frequently ends up in our bed, and since he's not getting any little brother or sister, I do enjoy it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. That article was lovely, and so true. I really didn't feel like crying at 3:30 in the afternoon, but oh well, haha! Thanks for sharing it with us mothers of bitty boys!

  5. Such a sweet article, thank you for sharing. I love that spot of skin to kiss too. And she is right, those moments are heaven.


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