This weekend Ryan and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. When we were making plans of how to celebrate he said, "I just want to be with you." So that's what we did. 

We also cuddled with miss Audrey,

snagged a few new shades of polish,

unwrapped this necklace made by my love,

and read with a warm blanket + a babe in arms.

Other highlights: Moving Sam out to his new kennel, Friday Night Lights, and an organized craft room.


  1. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like it was simple and perfect.

    Love, love, love Ballet Slippers. It's one of my favorites, for sure.

    The necklace Ryan made is so pretty!

  2. happy anniversary! i love that your husband made you a necklace. so sweet. it's really pretty!

  3. It sounds lovely! Happy Anniversary! I love the necklace he made. How sweet of him!

  4. happy anniversary! this sounds like a perfectly cuddly weekend. :)

  5. happy anniversary! my husband and I celebrate 13 years in July.

    i love that Ryan made you a necklace. so sweet!

  6. I love the necklace! So, I'm curious, did you watch the movie Friday Night Lights or have you been watching the TV series? The series is most definitely one of my all time favorites!

    And Happy Anniversary! I still vividly remember your wedding day (or rather, your reception.) For some reason, I cannot remember what your dress looked like, but I remember the dresses Jen and Alicia were wearing! :)

  7. Happy anniversary! Hope you all had a lovely day! The necklace is beautiful.

  8. Ooh la la. Ballet Slippers is the most perfectly delicate color! And of course a favorite of mine because I'm a ballet teacher. I picked up "clambake" for myself to kick off the day of love season.

    Happy Anni! Did you light some candles too?;)

  9. What a wonderful weekend! I'm also jealous that you have your own craft room.

    Happy Anniversary!



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