A little thank you.

I have felt so much love from those around me lately. From the friends and family that watched my children while I was away at ALT to all of you that visit + leave comments here. It all means so much and I'm grateful.

Before my flight left Utah on Saturday I snuck away to Anthropologie and snagged a few of these darling little spice jars. They are the perfect treat to say thank you and are officially my new favorite thing.

I filled a couple with Swedish fish and packaged them up for some special friends. Friends that are always there cheering me on and encouraging me when I need it most. I hope you have a friend like that because everyone should.

After I delivered these treats I got to thinking what a sweet Valentine they would make too. Draw a little heart on the chalkboard label, fill with some yummy chocolates and you're golden. Perhaps a weekend project? I think yes.


  1. What a cute idea!! I love how you always make things so simple yet classy and beautiful. Thanks danyelle!

  2. That´s such a cute idea! Well done!
    Gretts from Germany, Coco

  3. It enjoy sneaking a peak at your blog and seeing all the great things you have. Your positivity extends itself all the way over here in China:) Congrats on the morning show and other accomplishments lately.

  4. Love that store- adorable gift
    Thanks for sharing

  5. You always have the cutest ideas and this is not exception. I love it!

  6. Love it! So simple and thoughtful. Where did you get the box?

  7. Wow ... lovely thing to do for a friend and a great find at anthro. I haven't seen these before - the jar with the blue lid needs to find a home in my kitchen. Thank you! !

  8. Hello Belinda,

    The box is from Anthrolpologie as well. Don't they have the best complimentary packaging?!


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