ALT Calling Cards 2012.

Exchanging business cards with fellow creatives is one of my favorite aspects of the Altitude Design Summit. I was pretty busy getting ready for the Method party and didn't exchange as many cards as I would have liked, but the ones I did get my hands on were beautiful!

Letterpress cards will always be a personal favorite. I'll never tire over the way they feel in my hands, the weight of the paper or the intricate designs. Jane's card was especially lovely.

My new friend Marie created cards that came with a caramel and the recipe. It was all packaged sweetly in a glassine envelope. And in case you're wondering, the caramel was delicious! I'm excited to try Marie's recipe for myself.

The lovely Danni is a packaging queen so it's always a treat to get one of her cards. I love the little animal paperclip and vinyl "Press On" that came with each one.

Before I left for Alt Lindsay sent a text telling me to keep an eye out for one of her bloggy favorites, Mindy Gayer. I was unfamiliar with Mindy and didn't think my chances were very good spotting someone when I didn't even know what she looked like. Well, guess who I just happened to sit next to during one of the panels? Yes, it was Mindy and she was so kind and lovely. A real gem. Plus, her card? It's pretty rad.

Some of my other favorite cards of Alt 2012:
Annily Green
Old Sweet Song
Mer Mag
Melanie Saucier
Love & Lemons
Rachelle Francey
Lupa & Pepi
Hilary Schuster (love her picture! so clever and a great way to be remembered.)
Kacy Faulconer
Deb Averett
Brianna Webb

See my favorite cards from Alt 2011 here.
My wooden business cards here.
And a great pinboard of even more business cards here.


  1. This is the coolest ALT post I have seen yet! Each card tells so much about each blog and blogger without saying much at all. Makes me want to make some of my own!

  2. i can't wait to see these in real life!
    probably my favorite part of you going to ALT, too.
    gonna sit and click on all these links tonight.
    hopefully find a little bit of happy new cyber space.
    love, lin

  3. Love all these cards, thanks for including mine too ;) Weren't the cards so fabulous this year? That pinboard is awesome too, it's making me want to go back and collect more cards.

    SO lovely hanging out with you again this year friend. You guys put on an amazing party too! We should do a blog collaboration or something :) xo.

  4. Wow, those are pretty special. Do they change from year to year? Do you feel pressure to make one that will truly stand out? I'm just curious...

  5. Living in a digital world, it's nice to get something so tangible. What beautiful cards! I look forward to reading some of these other blogs tonight, thanks for sharing!

  6. i love your card display! especially the wood background, so pretty with it's rawness behind the cards.

    thanks for including mine! i'm honored! i'm still sitting here looking at the pile of cards i collected. however, the caramels from food nouveau were SO good! i'd love another right now!


  7. Thanks, Danyelle! Loved your card, too. :)

    I wish I had everyone's. I'm going to send Marie a stack so she can photograph them and add them to her pinboard. I'm trying to convince her to send me some caramels in return!

  8. Suzanne,

    Some people change their cards year to year and I'm sure some of them feel "pressure" to come up with something amazing. I on the other hand, used the same cards I took with me last year. Although, I already have plans to change things up a bit. xo.

  9. Wow, they're all so gorgeous! I'm especially loving the paper clip!! :)

  10. Ah, my card! Thank you for including it among such awesome cards!

    It was so wonderful seeing you.... wish we could have chatted more. :) The Method party was off the hook. I could have danced all night. xo

  11. Thanks for including my card! xoxo
    Alt was so much fun!


  12. Thanks for including my card Danyelle! It was nice to see you again this year. And I can't wait to see your new cards...I loved the concept for them. I'm sure they will be amazing!

  13. I really enjoyed meeting Mindy too--great gal. She attended my opening night dinner so I had a chance to chat with her between courses :) Have you seen her site? Super talented...

  14. I'm glad you like my cards. The Blog Fairy made them for me.


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