Hooray for wintertime weekends! It's a nice change to wake up on a Saturday morning and not feel like yard work is the order of the day. Instead, we curled up on the couch and watched Mr. Popper's Penquins. It was lovely.

This weekend we drank smoothies for breakfast,

made cranberry garlands,

enjoyed cheesesteaks and fries,

and cooed over our newest little cousin at the annual progressive dinner.

Other highlights: Finishing up the children's stocking suffers, new bedding, and the lighted boat parade.


  1. Our weekend was similar and it was so refreshing. What a treat to slow down instead of speed up!

  2. i love cheesesteaks! i hope yours were good.

    i spent the weekend unexpectedly home. my daughter was sick. but it was good excuse to take it easy and stay in.

  3. Love the natural garland! Also, very jealous of new bedding:) I love new bedding!

  4. and now i want some brucchi's... ;)

  5. Is that Landon and Starleys new little guy? I love Ryans hat, by the way. He looks very dapper!

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