It's Friday already? How can that be? This week has been a busy one here in the cozy brick house. There have been projects for school, plays, Christmas preparations (working on our cards now) and poor Ryan came down with a fever and sore throat yesterday. As busy as things are I couldn't let the week slip by without sharing some of my favorite recent pins. Lately I've been inspired by simple hearts. Can you tell?

1.Molasses Cookies from Always With Butter via Suann | 2.Little Trees from Dainty and Dangerous via Mandi | 3.Home Love (added to my wishlist) via Pamela | 4.Good People from FifiduVie via Lindsay | 5.Jacket Florals Stripes via Mandi | 6.Kraft + Heart packaging from Swoon! via my original pin.

P.S. Be sure to meet me back here later today, dears. Something fun is in the works. xo.


  1. Those cookies look fantastic! Must make now!!

  2. oooohlala, those cookies! I bet they are delicious!

  3. I made some hand warmers for my sister a few weeks ago for her birthday! But I didn't package them in such cute little bags!

  4. So I just have to report. I made the Molasses Cookies this morning and they are delicious!! Thanks for pinning them!


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