Is it getting cold where you are? As I type this I'm wearing fingerless gloves and thinking it's about time to pull the space heater out of storage to keep under my desk. Oh the joys of living in an old home!

Despite the temperatures, this is still my favorite time of the year. I'm a sucker for any kind of knitted item and that pixie hat? I die! So happy Casey blogged about it yesterday. I added it to my boards faster than you can say "baby hungry."

1.November Desktop Calendar by Shanna Murray via my original pin | 2.Pom Pom Garland by White Wonder via Sarah | 3.Let It Be by The Foundary via Marcia | 4.Heart Sweater by J. Crew via Nicolette | 5.Pixie Hat for Bebe by Sweet K.M. via Casey


  1. Thanks for letting me know there was a November calendar up! My screen is now all pretty and moody.

    And I think I may need that heart sweater!

  2. i love the colors in the pom-pom garland!

    the pixie hat (and the baby) are adorable! and 'baby hungry'... is there a sixth baby in your future? :)

  3. i'm pretty sure that the cute rosy cheeks help with the sales of the pixie hat ;)


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