I've received a few emails requesting the return of my Weekending feature. Guess what? I've missed them too so. . . they're back! Every Monday you'll get a sneak peek into a weekend inside the cozy brick house. Yay! 

This weekend there was. . .

New pillows for my living room chairs,

sunlight on the tippity tops of our backyard trees, 

Aunt Alison's pink strawberry cake,

and costumes!

Instead of a group costume like last year, the children wanted to be completely different things. We took a hobo, a ceiling fan, a cowgirl, a cheerleader and batman with us to our church party Saturday evening.

Other highlights: A late night trip to Target all by myself, baby holding (dangerous for a person like me), long phone conversations with people I admire and caramel apples. Lots + lots of caramel apples.

You can read the earlier editions of Weekending right here.


  1. LOVE the celing fan costume! Too clever. Totally made me chuckle!
    Happy Halloween :)

  2. A ceiling fan! Baaahahahaha! I love it. Yay for weekending posts. It seems to be the only kind of post I'm writing these days.

  3. Ceiling fan just made me crack up! Great idea!

  4. I agree, Easton's costume is so clever and so unique!

  5. i love your chair + pillow. i wish i could hang out at your house, i imagine it being inviting.

    i took me way too long to get the ceiling fan costume. i blame sleep exhaustion. :) Did Easton come up with that himself? If so, he has a wicked sense of humor. Love it!

  6. ceiling fan!!!!! *steals idea for future use*

    hilarious! who came up with it???


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