Watercolor Party.

Everyone handles birthday parties differently. In the cozy brick house, our children have a 'friend party' on their even birthdays beginning when they turn four. We celebrate their big days as a family every year but I've learned waiting until they're four to have the first real friend party makes the most sense. All the guests are potty trained, have overcome separation anxiety from their parents and are all around more capable of enjoying the games and activities. 

Since Audrey Mae turned four this year, she invited all the little girls from her church class over to our house for lunch and dancing (her favorite activity) to celebrate.

My little four year old was a HUGE part of making the decorations. Anything you see that's been painted was created by Audrey herself.

I dyed white party streamers to go with the watercolor theme.

The only party activity I planned was dancing. I turned up Audrey's favorite dance music, handed each of the guests a ribbon wand and moved out of the way. The girls LOVED it! The ribbon wands were very simple to make and were a big hit.

Click 'read more' to see the rest of Audrey's party.

For lunch we served heart shaped peanut butter and jam sandwiches, fruit and crackers. We also had beverages that fit into the color scheme. The one in highest demand? The pink lemonade, of course.

I baked Ina's Coconut Cupcakes for dessert. They're a favorite in our family but I think Audrey's guests would have been happier if I would have omitted the coconut from the recipe. Needless to say, we had a lot of cupcakes left over.

At the end of the party each of Audrey's friends took home a ribbon wand + a little watercolor kit.

This party is right up there with my favorites. It was really low key. I loved creating the decorations with Audrey and seeing her happy smile when her friends started dancing. Plus, I think I spent a total of $25 for the entire event. Favors, decorations, food, invitations, everything. Doesn't get better than that!


  1. I LOVE the simplicity & sweetness of everything! And, I love even more that Audrey was able to be such a part of the planning & decorating. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. If there were a "like" button under this post, I would click it. I too, love the simplicity. You have such a creative mind and really used your daughter as the ultimate inspiration for her party. Which is how children's birthday parties should be, right?
    Great job!

  3. Such a sweet little party. :) I really like the dyed streamers. You'll do a post about how you made them, right? :)

  4. I love it when a party truly reflects the birthday person. And love that she got to be involved in all the preparations too. The invites and watercolour artwork is gorgeous! x

  5. I'm so impressed that Audrey got to help so much with her party. She is sure to remember such a special day. I totally agree with holding the "friend party" until your kids turn 4. It seems to be the age when they've finally figured out the whole party thing.

  6. how cute! I love it all, but I think my favorite part is the favors, love it!

  7. Love the simple. One of my favorite parties you've done! Nice work, Danyelle.

  8. Very nice work! This is adorable and I'm sure all the girls had a blast!

  9. Claire had a lot of fun. Thanks for inviting her to come. I love the simple, but very cute decorations.

  10. Sweet and simple...what a fun birthday party!

  11. Love the simple birthdays.. we umped off the crazy-birthday train years ago.. people for the most part don't understand it but it is wonderful no matter what their age to gather with a small number of close friends for something special.. good work mama!


  12. darling! and where did you find that cute yellow tape on the little watercolor kits?

  13. this party looks amazing!! thanks for sharing some tutorials :)

  14. How did you make the ribbon wands?

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